Axona Powder Medical Food Packets 40 gram 30/Box Medical Food Alzheimer's Treatment, Axona, Medical Food
Axona Powder Medical Food Packets 40 gram 30/Box Medical Food Alzheimer's Treatment, Axona, Medical Food

Axona Powder Medical Food Packets 40 gram 30/Box

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Axona Powder Packets are a form of medical food that is used to help combat cerebral glucose deficits in patients that have mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Decades of research has shown that Alzheimer’s disease inhibits the brain’s ability to use glucose as form of energy and the resulting lack of brain fuel is very detrimental to a person’s level of cognition. Axona uses an innovative formula consisting of medium-chain triglycerides that are more easily metabolized than glucose and provide an alternative form of brain fuel, which clinical studies have shown to help enhance memory recall and preserve cognition for some patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. It’s usually taken once a day, is well tolerated by most patients, and can safely be used along with other more traditional Alzheimer’s treatments and medications.


    • Medical food product
    • Helps manage mild to moderate Alzheimer’s
    • Promotes enhanced memory recall
    • Helps preserve cognition
    • Taken once daily
    • Rx only (prescription required)
    • Formulated using medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)
    • Contains milk and soy
    • Gluten-free
    • Each 40 gram packet contains 217 calories
    • Comes with 30 packets per box


    1. Quick and easy to prepare
    2. Helps manage mild to moderate Alzheimer’s
    3. Clinical studies have shown that Axona may help support memories and thoughts in some patients
    4. Certified as being kosher by the Orthodox Union
    5. One 40 gram packet of Axona only contains 217 calories
    6. For most people the side effects from Axona are very mild and can easily be reduced by taking Axona shortly after a meal
    7. Contains a specific formulation of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) for clinical dietary management of the metabolic processes 
    8. Strictly regulated by the FDA and produced in accordance with both the statutory and FDA regulatory definition of a medical food
    9. Safe to take along with other commonly prescribed Alzheimer’s medications, including Aricept, Namenda, and Exelon
    10. Doesn’t require any special dietary restrictions
    11. While Axona should be taken in accordance with your doctor’s prescribed instructions, most people use one 40 gram packet per day (usually taken after lunch or dinner)
    12. Can be mixed into foods using an electric blender (if desired)


    How is Axona Taken?

    Please read through all of the information on the product packaging/insert and take Axona in accordance with your physician’s directions. As a powdered medical food Axona should be mixed with foods or liquids when taken. Taking Axona with products that contain fats and proteins can help reduce the chances of stomach upset. Axona is highly stable and can be mixed and taken with things like:

    1. Water
    1.  Oatmeal
    1. Juices
    1.  Yogurt
    1.  Milk
    1.  Pudding
    1.  Meal replacement drinks
    1.  Ice cream
    1.  Applesauce
    1.  And much more!


    How does Axona help with Alzheimer’s?

    The brain is a powerful ‘machine’ that needs a constant supply of fuel in order to function properly. Alzheimer’s disease renders the neurons in the brain defective and makes it difficult for the brain to convert glucose into the fuel it needs to function normally and support the memory and thought processes; which often leads to significant impairments to a person’s thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and memory recall abilities. Axona is beneficial to many Alzheimer’s patients because it provides the brain with a viable alternative source of fuel. It is specially formulated with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that tend to be metabolized more easily than glucose and help preserve cognition by combating diminished cerebral glucose levels.

    *Please note: Axona is only intended to be used while under close supervision from a doctor.

    Main Ingredient:

    • Caprylic triglyceride, which is a type of fatty acid derivative from coconut or palm kernel oil.

    Manufacturer: Accera, Inc.

    Axona makes a great addition to other more traditional therapeutic treatments that may not address nutritional deficits caused by the body’s inability to metabolize cerebral glucose to fuel the brain. Talk with your healthcare provider today to see if Axona might be able help you or a loved one enhance their memory recall and preserve their level of cognition.

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