ADC Adcuff and 2-Tube Bladder Multi Pack Parts & Accessories
ADC Adcuff and 2-Tube Bladder Multi Pack Parts & Accessories

ADC Adcuff and 2-Tube Bladder Multi Pack


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ADC's Adcuff and 2-Tube Bladder Multi Pack is conveniently compatible with most aneroid or mercurial blood pressure systems. Made with durable latex, or latex free materials, this cuff and bladder combo are equipped with ADC’s exclusive Size Guide marking system for easy cuffing.


Cuff and Bladder Features:

  • For use with most aneroid or mercurial blood pressure instruments
  • ADC’s exclusive Adcuff nylon cuff featuring the Size Guide marking system
  • Latex or latex-free inflation bladder with two 55cm tubes
  • Adult size available in 12 colors – call for availability
  • Individually boxed
  • Luer connector (#891F) not included (2 Tube)
  • Note: price varys depending on size chosen


Blood pressure cuff bladders are an integral part of the monitor and directly affect measurements. If the rubber bladder is too small, a higher reading will occur. Conversely, if it is too large the reading will be abnormally lower. The bladder should be at least 80% as long as the upper arm and cover at least 40% of the width. If you are in-between sizes, choose the larger size.


Effective blood pressure measuring tips:

  • Because blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day and from arm to arm, try to take it at the same time of day and on the same arm each time.
  • Avoid things that will raise your blood pressure just before taking it, such as smoking, alcohol, caffeine, etc.
  • Your blood pressure will be higher during physical activity, so be sure that your pulse is at rest before your measure.  Sit for about 5 minutes to bring your heart rate to its resting point before taking it.
  • In order to ensure that your reading is accurate, be sure to use a blood pressure unit that works properly and is the right size for you. Be sure that the cuff bladder and bulb deflation valves aren’t leaking air and that your instruments are calibrated properly. It is easy to find replacement valves and other blood pressure accessories if you need them and is usually more cost-effective than purchasing an entirely new unit.