ADCUFF One or Two Tube Cuff and Bladder Combo Parts & Accessories
ADCUFF One or Two Tube Cuff and Bladder Combo Parts & Accessories

ADCUFF One or Two Tube Cuff and Bladder Combo


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ADC’s One or Two Tube Adcuff and Bladder systems feature ADC’s popular Adcuff blood pressure cuff complete with their durable inflation bladder. Complete with ADC’s unique, easy-to-see Size Guide marking system to help you get an accurate measurement, this versatile BP cuff and bladder can be used with most palm, traditional pocket, clock or mercury-style aneroid instruments.


ADC Adcuff and Bladders Features:

  • Durable nylon construction
  • Exclusive Size Guide™ marking system
  • Latex or latex-free inflation bladder with 55cm tubing length
  • For use with most palm, traditional pocket, clock, or mercury style aneroid instruments
  • Latex Free
  • Luer connector (#804C) not included (1 Tube)
  • Luer connector (#891F) not included (2 Tube)


Why is a BP measurement so important?

Since there are thousands of people with heart disease, or early signs of heart disease, blood pressure needs to be regularly and accurately monitored in order to prevent against heart and artery damage. This kind of damage can cause other complications (heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, etc.). Because of this fact, blood pressure equipment often needs to be maintained or replaced due to such heavy and widespread use. The aneroid blood pressure system is the most complex, and one of the most popular blood pressure units of choice.  For your convenience, we offer ADC’s Adcuff blood pressure cuff and inflation bladder as a pair, so that you can easily order and stock replacement parts as needed.

Blood pressure is usually measured by pumping air into a blood pressure cuff that is fitted around the upper arm. This tightens the cuff around the arm squeezing the artery. The part of the BP cuff that tightens around the arm is located on the inside of the cuff and is called an inflation bladder. This component is usually made of rubber and performs like a balloon. A blood pressure cuff is one of the most used – and most important - instruments in the medical field today.