Air Breathing Apparatus Respirator Mask, Air Tank & Harness

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Air Breathing Apparatus Respirator Mask used by firefighters or disaster relief personnel to use a respirator, the respirator use masks and around the wearer's face and make the wearer respiratory organs, eyes and facial canister or completely isolated anoxic environment, with the outside world has own supply of compressed air source used by the wearer to breathe clean air, breath gas directly discharged into the atmosphere, either respiratory process, the pressure inside the mask were greater than the environment pressure.

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Category  Instructions
 Fill the gas  Air
 Total weight  9Kg (not including the air)




 Material Carbon fiber composite materials (carbon fiber winding type)
 Content of the product  6.8L
 Rated working pressure  30MPa
 Hydrostatic test pressure  45MPa
 Cylinder weight  About 4 kg (except the valve weight)
 Product standards  Q/KJ015-2002 "all fiber winding cylinder aluminum tank"


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