Alzheimer's Wandering Motion Alarm Bed Alarms
Alzheimer's Wandering Motion Alarm Bed Alarms

Alzheimer's Wandering Motion Alarm

Personal Safety Corporation

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Designed for fall and wandering management, the Alzheimer's Wandering Motion Alarm is easy to use and adjusts for precise movement detection. The alarm features either an 85 dB tone or chime alarm settings, a manual alarm shut off and a 4°W x 98°H detection area with a 10' detection length (approx. length of a bed).


  • Fall management
  • Wandering management


  • Can be used with or without a nurse call system
  • Versatile placement options


  • Adjustable for precise movement detection
  • 85 dB or chime alarm settings
  • Manual alarm shut off
  • 4°W x 98°H detection area
  • 10' detection length (approx. length of a bed)
  • Velcro® strip included
  • Easy install and use
  • Sold by the each


  • Battery: 1 9V (included)
  • Power: 9V DC


Sold separately

  • Optional clip bracket available (sold separately)


Brand: Personal Safety Corporation
Model Number: PSC-SUMP-1 Set


The Alzheimer's Wandering Motion Alarm offers a variety of placement options. It can be mounted to a bed or wall with the included Velcro® strap or a clip bracket (sold separately) or set on the floor or table. Plus, it can be placed either vertically or horizontally to suit your need.


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Alzheimer's Disease 


Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that affects behavior, thinking and especially memory. Many patients become disoriented and forget where they are.  This leads to wandering. It is important to make their surroundings familiar and as recognizable as possible. Photos and favorite items kept close by are a way to make people feel secure.  Notes or signs may be necessary to show them where things are or arrows leading to the bathroom, for example, to remind them how to get somewhere. 


While caregivers want their loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease to be comfortable, it is ultimately imperative to keep them safe. Allowing individuals to explore their surroundings is a good idea as long as there is nothing that poses a danger in their way. There are many products that aid in fall prevention such as bed alarms, wheelchair alarms, and even toilet alarms. However, if independence is possible then utilizing a motion detection alarm may be favored. Place the wandering alarm at the boundary point to alert of movement beyond that area. 


Understanding why a person is wandering is a way to control it and prevent it. Many times a patient is looking for something, trying to escape, or simply performing a routine they once had. Calmly communicating with your family member is the key in preventing them from getting upset, which will cause more disorientation and agitation. Stimulating the senses has beneficial results that greatly outweigh restraints and medication.  Browse Mountainside Medical’s other Alzheimer products such as weighted lap pads, sensory stimulation pad and tray, doorway stop strip, and voice recorded bed and chair alarms.