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Fleet Enema Extra with 70% More Saline

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Fleet Enema Extra with 70% More Saline than the regular Fleet Enema. This ready-to-use, fast-acting solution relieve occasional constipation in just minutes.

    How to use a enema

    Remove protective shield from enema tip before inserting.

    With steady pressure, gently insert enema tip into rectum with a sight side-to-side movement, with tip pointing toward navel. Insertion may be easier if person receiving enema bears down, as if having a bowel movement. This helps relax the muscles around the anus.

    Squeeze bottle intil nearly all liquid is gone. It is not necessary to empty the bottle completely, as it contains more liquid than needed.

    Remove tip from rectum and maintain position until urge to evacuate is strong (usually 1 to 5 minutes).


    Active ingredients:

    Monobasic sodium phosphate 19g

    Dibasic sodium phosphate 7g