Buy Giraffe Pediatric Suction Machine with Carrying Case online used to treat Suction Machines - Medical Conditions
Buy Giraffe Pediatric Suction Machine with Carrying Case online used to treat Suction Machines - Medical Conditions

Giraffe Pediatric Suction Machine with Carrying Case

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Giraffe Pediatric Suction Machine with Carrying Case is a suctioning device used to remove mucus secretions, and respiratory system that may obstruction airways.

  • Durable, Portable System.
  • Lightweight DC or AC Operation.
  • Variable Vacuum Control.
  • Replacement In-Line Bacteria Filter
  • Removable Fill Tank

Utilizing a motor to drive an air pump to generate negative pressure (vacuum), this device will aspirate mucous secretions from the patient’s body, in the management and treatment of respiratory diseases. Aspirated secretions are collected in the collection bottle for proper disposal.

Product Cautions:

  1. To avoid electrical shock, keep the unit away from water; do not immerse the power cord or the unit in any liquid; do not use while bathing; do not reach for a unit that has fallen into water—immediately unplug the unit.
  1. Never operate the unit if it has any damaged parts (including power cord), and/or if it has been dropped or submersed in water.
  1. The unit should not be used where flammable gas, oxygen or aerosol spray products are being used.
  1. Disconnect the unit from the electrical outlet before cleaning, filling and after each use.

Operating Cautions:

  1. Connect this product to an appropriate voltage outlet for your model.
  2. Do not run this product unattended.
  3. Never operate if this unit has a damaged cord or plug, and/or if it has been dropped into water.
  1. If any abnormality occurs, discontinue use immediately until the unit has been examined and repaired.
  1. Always unplug the product immediately after use.

Cleaning and Sterilization

Disconnect from the power source prior to cleaning.

  1. It is recommended that the tubing and collection bottle be thoroughly cleaned with hot water after each use and be cleaned with a mild detergent after the last treatment of the day. If your physician or respiratory therapist specifies a different cleaning procedure, follow their instructions.
  1. The filter cannot be cleaned.
  2. NOTE: If the filter gets wet, or becomes contaminated or clogged, it must be replaced.

Rinsing (after each treatment)

  1. Disconnect the tubes, collection bottle and the filter cover. Rinse the tubes, collection bottle with water.
  1. Dry them with clean soft towel or let it air dry.
  2. Reassemble the product when completely dry and put these parts in a clean sealed container.


Please abide by the following steps to disinfect your Suction Device unless otherwise

specified by your physician. It is suggested that the unit is disinfected after each


  1. Use one part white vinegar with three parts distilled water. Make sure mixed solution is enough to submerge the tubes and collection bottle.
  1. Complete Rinsing Steps 1-3.
  2. Wash the tubes and collection bottle in a warn water and a mild detergent. Then wash them in a hot tap water.
  1. Submerge these parts in the vinegar and water solution for thirty minutes.
  2. Complete Rinsing Steps 2-3.