Lindane 1% Topical Shampoo Scabicide and Pediculicide Crabs, Lice Treatment, Lindane Shampoo, Scabies

Lindane 1% Topical Shampoo

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Lindane 1% Shampoo is a ectoparasiticide and ovicide effective against Pediculosis humanis capitis (head lice), Pthirus pubis (crab lice), sarcoptic mange (Scabies), and their ova. In addition to the active ingredient, lindane, it contains triethanolamine lauryl sulfate, polysorbate 60, hydrochloric acid, acetone and purified water to form a shampoo base.

For Professional Use only


Manufacturer Morton Grove Pharmaceutical
Application Scabicide / Pediculicide
Container Type Bottle
Dosage Form Shampoo
Generic Drug Code 31570
Generic Drug Name Lindane
NDC Number 60432-0834-60
Strength 1%
Type Topical
UNSPSC Code 51452502
Volume 60 mL