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Miami J Cervical Collaris a superior soft neck immobilizer that prevents muscle spasms associated with neck movement. This neck brace helps keeps the neck comfortable with Sorbatex protection in the inner lining of the collar, and it has a breathable chin pad which allows the air to circulate, keeping skin dry. The Miami J Collar features a sizing system that simplifies size selection, with 6 unique front and back components that are engineered to work optimally together for various anatomies.



Indications for Use

  • Cervical Spine precaution for trauma patients
  • Immobilization for pre/post cervical spine surgery
  • Degenerative disorders
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis­­



Miami J Collar Features:

  • Sizing system that reduces the margin of error while fitting a patient
  • Adjustable mandibular and occipital support
  • Sorbatex pads engineered to be anti-decubitus
  • Sternal pad disburses pressure
  • Latex-free


Please Note:Follow a qualified healthcare provider's instructions regarding usage and infection control.



The Miami J Cervical Collar is designed with a unique sizing systemto work together for superior immobilization that makes size selection simple, while drastically reducing the margin of error in fitting a patient. Some features include adjustable mandibular and occipital support that enables customization in order to disburse pressure and avoid skin breakdown.


This neck brace has Sorbatex pads that are specifically engineered to be anti-decubitus; protecting skin integrity during extended wear and are removable for easy cleaning. In addition, this cervical collar includes a Sternal pad that disburses pressure and is removable for comfort and improved patient compliance. For optimal sizing, comfort and convince, choose the Miami J Cervical Collar.


Measurement Information:

Height is based on distance from Sternal notch to chin. To find the height measure from the jaw to the shoulder; just under the ear. Then measure the circumference around the neck.

Please Note: Choose collar size based on patient neck height, not patient body size.

Part Number:
Height & Neck Circ.
79-83201 MJ200S 1", 10"-20" Super Short
79-83203 MJ300 2", 10"-20" S
79-83205 MJ400 2.5", 10"-20" M
79-83207 MJ500 3", 10"-20" L
79-83208 MJ200L 1.75", 14"-24" Stout
Standard collar w. replacement pad    
79-83221 MJR200S 1", 10"-20" Super Short
79-83232 MJR250 1.25", 8"-14" XS
79-83233 MJR300 2", 10"-20" S
79-83235 MJR400 2.5", 10"-20" M
79-83237 MJR500 3", 10"-20" L
79-83238 MJR200L 1.75", 14"-24" Stout
79-83224 MJP100 (replacement pads only) Adult
79-83225 MJP200L (replacement pads only) Stout