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Opti-Neb Pro Reusable Nebulizer Mouthpiece Kit

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Teleflex 1901 Opti-Neb Pro Reusable Nebulizer Mouthpiece is a high performing, breath-enhanced nebulizer designed to deliver optimal drug aerosol therapy. The reusable design features inhalation and expiration valves to promote high lung deposition and a fast treatment time. The special nebulizer geometry and its surface finishing minimize residual volume to assure maximum delivery of the intended dose. The Opti-Neb Pro® has a unique design that promotes a high nebulization rate. Using an active Venturi effect, the nebulizer draws air from the environment and adds it to the airflow generated by the compressor, boosting the nebulize output and decreasing treatment time. This device is dishwasher safe and easy to assemble.
  • Fast nebulization medication treatments
  • Clear mL scale facilitates easy dosage when mixing drugs.
  • Exclusive inhalation and exhalation valve design reduces up to 35% of the drug wasted during expiration phase.
  • Cone-on-cone system allows nebulization at angles up to 80º.
  • Safe to wash in Dishwasher