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Rx Destroyer - Drug Destroyer Liquid Medication Disposal System 16oz

RX Destroyer

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Get rid of your old and unwanted medications the safe way by using pill d and drug destroyer! Great for both home and professional use, the new and improved pill destroyer is the pharmacist approved and recommended method for quickly, easily, and safely disposing of all types of unwanted and non-hazardous medications. Simply drop the medications in the bottle of solution and they will be broken-down and neutralized so that they can’t be stolen/abused by others. Rx Destroyer is an eco-friendly method of disposing unwanted medications without contaminating the water supply. It can be used with a wide-range of medications (see list below), and in addition to neutralizing pills and capsules this easy-to-use system will even dispose of patches, creams, and suppositories. This 16 oz bottle will safely dispose of about 300 pills.


    • Safely disposes of all types of unwanted & non-hazardous medications
    • User-friendly
    • Eco-friendly
    • Comes ready to use
    • With the new & improved patent pending vented cap
    • Uses activated charcoal as the key ingredient
    • Resistant to mold and bacteria growth
    • Packaged in a 16 oz bottle (holds approximately 300 pills)


      1. -   Pharmacist approved and recommended
      2. -   A quick, easy, and safe method of disposing of any old or unwanted medications
      3. -   Eliminates the need to crush drugs prior to disposal!
      4. -   Breaks-down and neutralizes medications so they can’t be stolen/abused by others
      5. -   Eco-friendly - helps prevent medications from seeping into and contaminating water supplies
      6. -   Helps avoid accidental poisonings
      7. -   Self-regulated bottle pressure, which enables multiple types of medications to safely be disposed of in the same bottle
      8. -   One 16 ounce bottle will safely neutralize and break-down about 300 pills for disposal
      9. -   The bottle can be stored and you can keep on using it until the bottle is full
      10. -   Safe to dispose of with your normal trash. Please refer to your state and local regulations for more information
      11. -   Complies with the DEA standards for the “non-retrievable” disposal of controlled substances
      12. -   Meets DEA requirements for medication destruction
      13. -   Supports EPA and FDA efforts for responsible drug disposal
      14. -   Contains anti-mold and anti-bacterial agents so the solution will remain fresh and has an extended shelf life
      15. -   Will induce vomiting if ingested 

      Safe to use with:

      • Non-hazardous drugs
      • DEA-controlled substances
      • Co-mingling medications
      • Antacids
      • Potassium supplements
      • Narcotics
      • Tablets
      • Patches
      • Liquids
      • Capsules
      • Suppositories
      • Lozenges
      • Effervescent


      Instructions for use:

      1. Step #1 – Open bottle by removing cap
      2. Step #2 – Insert medications into the bottle
      3. Step #3 – Put cap back on the bottle and close tightly
      4. Step #4 – Turn the bottle upside down twice
      5. Step #5 – Store and reuse as needed until the bottle is filled to within 1” from the cap
      6. Step #6 – Discard bottle and its contents with your normal garbage



      RX16 - 16 oz bottle - 1 bottle


      Manufacturer: C2R Global Manufacturing Inc.

      Product number: RX16

      Have you ever wondered is the safest way to dispose of your old or unwanted medications? Years ago it was thought that the best option was to flush them down the toilet, but more recent studies have found that flushing medications down the toilet allows them to seep into and contaminate our water supplies. You’ve probably heard about some of the different drug ‘take-back’ programs being hosted in various communities, but they never have one close by when you have meds that need to be disposed of.

      Take all the stress and hassles out of disposing of medications by getting a bottle of the RX Destroyer today. Just one 16 oz bottle will safely and efficiently dispose of approximately 300 pills! Simply place your order online through our website or call 1-888-687-4334 and speak with one of our astounding Medical Supply Associates and place your order over the phone.