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Prevail PM Extended Wear Overnight Adult Briefs

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The Prevail PM Extended Wear Briefs are designed to provide an improved fit with maximum absorbency and protection to discretely keep the wearer dry all throughout the night. These extended wear briefs feature a variety of technological advancements to create a more comfortable, discrete and customizable fit with superb absorption to keep you dry while promoting healthier skin conditions. These adult briefs are particularly ideal for extended overnight protection from moderate to heavy levels of incontinence.

Prevail PM Extended Wear Brief Features:

    • Quick and easy-to-use easy-lock fasteners
    • Cloth-like outer fabric
    • Skin-smart inner fabric
    • Quick wick absorption technology
    • Wetness indicator
    • Target acquisition zone and fecal containment zones
    • Enhanced breathable zones
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Available in two (2) versatile sizes

      Benefits of using Prevail PM Extended Wear Briefs:

        • Maximum absorbency to keep you dry all night long
        • Helps protect the mattress and bedding from getting soiled
        • Enhanced protection and comfort = enhanced confidence
        • Easier to put on, stays on all night long
        • More versatile sizing for a more customizable fit with reattachable strips that will adhere anywhere on the outside of the brief.


          When using these adult briefs by Prevail you can forget about the days when incontinence protection meant wearing a bulky diaper that was very uncomfortable and had a tendency to cause skin irritation and skin sores, as well as bad odors. These adult briefs are designed to provide discrete protection, be comfortable enough to wear all throughout the night, reduce odors, and promote healthy skin conditions. Some of Prevail’s specific technological advancements that have improved the comfort, fit, and efficacy of this product include:

          Easy-Lock Fasteners: that adheres anywhere on the exterior of the brief to help create a more customizable fit. These reattachable fasteners are also easier to use, eliminating the stickiness and the need to unfold them, making it easier for those with limited finger dexterity to manage their incontinence with more independence and making incontinence care a quicker and easier experience for both the wearer and caregivers.

          Skin Smart Hypoallergenic Fabric: that is infused with vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile is used to line the interior of these briefs (which gets the most skin contact) to help promote healthier skin.

          Quick Wick Technology with MaxSoft: is used to reduce the chances of leakage and provide superior softness with rapid absorbency to lock liquid away from the skin and help keep the wearer feeling comfortably dry all throughout the night.    

          Cloth-like Outer Fabric: is used in place of the more traditional plastic-backing to enhance the comfortability and breathability of adult briefs while reducing their potential to cause skin irritation.

          Odor Guard Technology: that helps prevent the formation of ammonia is used to further enhance the discreetness of these adult briefs by greatly reducing odors during and after use.

          Product #

          NTB 012/1 - Medium 32” to 44”

          6 packs per case / 16 per pack (96 briefs)

          NTB 013/1 - Large 45” to 58”

          4 packs per case / 18 per pack (72 briefs)

          Manufacturer: First Quality

          Feel confident to get a good night’s sleep without worrying about soiling yourself or your bedding by using these adult briefs, which are specially designed for overnight use. Get yours today by placing an order using our conveniently easy-to-use redesigned website or calling us at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our helpful Medical Supply Associates and place an order by phone.