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Pro Advantage Infectious Mono Test Device, 20 Kits

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The Pro Advantage Infectious Mono Test Device is an all-inclusive rapid response test kit that is used to help medical professionals accurately diagnose cases of infectious Mononucleosis (also known as Mono or the kissing disease). This test kit uses a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for qualitatively identifying if there is a presence of Infectious Mononucleosis heterophile antibodies within whole blood, serum, or plasma samples. When combined with other clinical information, having reliable diagnostic test results help physicians interpret data better and make a more accurate diagnosis. 



  • Detects IM heterophile antibodies
  • Accurately diagnosis infectious mononucleosis (mono)
  • Comes with 20 all-inclusive test kits
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Provides dependable results
  • 3 testing options - whole blood, serum, or plasma samples
  • For professional in vitro diagnostic use only
  • Packaged with 20 tests per box
  • Sold by: the box



  • Provides accurate and reliable results in just 5 minutes!
  • You get the option to choose what testing medium works best for you and your patients, use a whole blood sample from a finger stick or venipuncture, use serum, or use plasma
  • Uses qualitative chromatographic membrane strip based immunoassay technology to identify the presence of IM heterophile antibodies
  • CLIA waived for whole blood and FDA 510(k) cleared to market
  • Displays a visual indicator that lets users know that a sufficient sample with the correct volume has been used and membrane wicking occurred
  • When positive results are identified the device displays 2 colored red lines, if results are negative there won’t be a line (other than the control line)


Note: This assay has not been established for patients under 18 years of age



  • 20 individually packaged devices
  • 20 disposable sample droppers
  • 20 disposable heparinized capillary tubes
  • 1 dispensing bulb
  • 1 sample buffer
  • 1 procedure card
  • 1 package insert 


Other supplies needed but not included are:

  • Sample collection container (for venipuncture whole blood)
  • Lancet (for finger stick whole blood only)
  • Centrifuge (for serum or plasma only)
  • Timer 



  • For professional in vitro diagnostic use only
  • These kits should not be used past their expiration date
  • Eating, drinking, and smoking should be prohibited in the location where specimens and kits are used
  • All controls and specimen samples should be treated as infectious and handled accordingly, observing all precautions and standard procedures for microbiological hazards and specimen disposal
  • Controls should be disposed of by flushing them down the sink with lots of water to avoid having the preservatives in them react with the lead or copper plumbing and becoming explosive
  • Protective gear, such as lab coats, gloves, and eye protection, should be worn during the assaying of specimen samples
  • Note that the humidity and temperature can interfere with the accuracy of test results 





  • These test kits should be stored at room temperature or refrigerated between 2°-30°C
  • Do not freeze these test kits
  • Keep the test kits in their sealed pouches until its time to use them



Collecting and preparing samples:

To collect Venipuncture samples: Use standard laboratory procedures to collect an anti-coagulated blood sample

To collect finger stick samples:

  • Step 1 – Have the patient wash their hands with soap and warm water or clean their hand with an alcohol swab and allow to dry
  • Step 2 – Without touching the sample site, massage the patients hand, working your way down towards the tip of the middle or ring finger
  • Step 3 – Use a new sterile lancet to puncture the skin
  • Step 4 – Wipe away the first sign of blood
  • Step 5 – Gently milk the patients hand from the wrist to the palm and then to the finger to form a nice round drop of blood at the puncture site
  • Step 6 – With the capillary tube positioned horizontally, touch the end of the tube to the blood until its filled to the line (try to avoid air bubbles)
  • Step 7 – Put the bulb on the top end of the capillary tube
  • Step 8 – Squeeze the bulb to release the whole blood sample
  • Step 9 – Avoid hemolysis by dividing the serum/plasma from the blood as soon as you can
  • Step 10 – Only use the clear, non-hemolyzed samples


  • For optimal results, perform testing immediately after preparing the samples
  • Samples should not be left sitting at room temperature for very long


Conducting the test:

**Before performing the testing, ensure that the testing device, sample, buffer, and controls are all at room temperature (15-30°C)

  • Step 1 – Open the sealed foil pouch containing the test kit (conduct the test immediately after opening the pouch)
  • Step 2 – Position the test device on a clean and level surface

For Whole Blood (Venipuncture) samples: Position the dropper upright and place 2 drops of whole blood (about 50 µL) to the sample well of the test device and then place 1 drop of sample buffer in the sample well and start the timer

For Whole Blood (Finger stick) samples: Place 1 capillary tube of blood (about 50 µL) in the sample well of the test device and then place 1 drop of sample buffer in the sample well and start the timer

For Serum or Plasma samples: Position the dropper upright and place 1 drop of serum/plasma (about 25 µL) in the sample well of the test device and then place 1 drop of sample buffer in the sample well and start the timer (try to avoid getting air bubbles in the sample well)

  • Step 3 – Wait for the red line(s) to be displayed. Test results will be displayed after 5 minutes. Note that the background of the display panel should be clear before the results are read
  • Step 4 – Test results should be read within 10 minutes. If results aren’t read within 10 minutes they should be discarded and the test should be redone



Interpreting the test results:


  • Two distinct red lines – means the test is positive and IM heterophile antibodies were found in the sample
  • One red line appears in the control line region – means the test is negative and IM heterophile antibodies were not found in the sample
  • No line appears in the control line region – means the test results are invalid and the test should be re-performed



Manufacturer: Pro-Advantage


Product number: NDCP080016




With the reliability of test results impacting the accuracy of a diagnosis it’s important to make sure you and your staff are using reliable testing kits, like the Pro Advantage Infectious Mono Test Device, which provides accurate results in just 5 minutes. Order today by placing an order using our conveniently easy to use website or by calling us at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly and experienced Medical Supply Specialists and place an order by phone.