Russian Muscle Stimulator 3500

Russian Muscle Stimulator 3500

Pain Management Technologies

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One of the only portable Russian Stimulators available, the Russian Stim 3500 is a dual channel electro-stimulator with a symmetrical biphasic square waveform. While this unit functions very similarly to standard EMS units, it has a higher frequency of 2500 Hz, which enables the electrical signal to reach deeper into the muscles for a more effective contraction of the muscle fibers, making this unit particularly beneficial for athletes looking to tone and strengthen their muscles while reducing muscle spasms and edema.



  • Portable Russian electro-stimulator
  • Penetrates deep into the muscles
  • Ideal for athletic training
  • 2 isolated channels
  • 2 second ramp time
  • Symmetrical biphasic square waveform
  • High frequency of 2500 Hz 
  • Unit weighs 2 lbs
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against mechanical defects
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What makes a Russian Stimulator Different than a Standard EMS Unit?

This unit is classified as a Russian Stimulator, which is very similar to standard EMS Units. Like EMS units, the Russian Stimulators are also designed to stimulate motor nerves, although the Russian units are designed with a higher frequency to enable the signal to be able penetrate deeper into the muscles for a more effective contraction of the muscle fibers. Originally developed by the Russian Olympic Team for muscle mass enhancements, Russian stimulators are now commonly used in theUnited Statesto help strengthen muscles while reducing muscle spasms and edema. StandardEMSunits are usually used for rehabilitation, while Russian Stimulators are more commonly used by athletics for muscle building and training.



  • One of the only portable Russian Stimulators available
  • Similar to anEMSunit
  • Provides a stronger current than standardEMSunits
  • Great for toning and strengthening muscles
  • Popular among athletics 


Ideal Uses:

  • Commonly used by athletes to increase muscle mass and endurance
  • Often used for muscle strengthening, muscle spasms, and edema reduction 


Unit Includes:

  • 1 pair of lead wires
  • One pack of electrodes (4/pack)
  • 110V US AC-DC Power adapter
  • A 9v AlkalineBattery
  • Hard plastic carrying case
  • Users manual
  • Belt clip
  • Manufacturer’s warranty



  • Due to the fact that this unit produces a stronger electrical current than standard EMS units the lead wires used with this device are likely to get worn out quicker than when used with standardEMSunits. Therefore, it is recommended that users buy an extra set of lead wires with this unit.


Manufacturer: Pain Management Technologies

Product number: R3500


Take your athletic training up a notch by using the only portable Russian Stimulator to help increase your muscle mass, strength, and endurance while reducing muscle spasms and edema (swelling). Order yours today by shopping our website or calling us at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly and experienced Medical Supply Specialists.