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Elastic Abdominal Binder with Velcro Closure, 3-Panel

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Abdominal Binder (self-closure) is a elasticized belt that encircles the chest, abdomen, or groin to provide support, keep dressings in place (especially for patients allergic to tape), and reduce edema, tension on wounds and suture lines, and the breast engorgement in mothers who aren't breast-feeding. Abdominal binders also provide comfort and add in the healing process. 

  • 3 panel design

Elastic Abdominal Binder with Velcro Closure this abdominal binder support is made with a 9" three-panel Velcro hook compatible elastic and plush inner body. Hook compatible elastic permits a closure at any point on the circumference of the binder. The Universal Abdominal Binder 9" with Hook Receptive Elastic is ideal for providing compression and support for strains and weakness of the abdominal area.


    • Post-natal or post-surgical applications
    • Easy adjustment
    • 3 panel design
    • Velcro closure
    • Variety of panel sizes
    • White color
    • Latex-free


        • 8100-3045 -9" - Abdominal Binder, 3 Panel. 30" - 45" (Small)
        • 8100-4662 -9" - Abdominal Binder, 3 Panel. 46" - 60" (Medium)
        • 8101-6075 -9" - Abdominal Binder, 3 Panel. 60" - 75" (Large)

          Universal Abdominal Binder 9" with Hook Receptive Elastic is an excellent choice for abdominal discomfort, post-pregnancy and post-surgery. In addition to abdominal support, some may experience enhanced lower back support. With three different sizes of binder to choose from, a user will be able to choose the best coverage for themselves without road-blocks.

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